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FTO work on behalf of their members to ensure the continued long term success of the air inclusive holiday.

The vision of the Federation of Tour Operators (FTO) is to ensure the continued long term success of the air inclusive holiday by influencing governments and opinion formers on the benefits to consumers and other stakeholders of air inclusive holidays compared to other forms of holiday arrangements.

FTO and its members have been proactive in the field of holiday health, safety and hygiene for many years. We have a committed and proactive Health and Safety Committee attended by industry professionals, who are supported by the FTO Head of Health, Safety and Operational Support and independent technical experts in such areas as fire safety, security, food hygiene, health and transportation.

Through partnership, education, information and support, we continue to exercise a powerful influence for change on issues such as, health, safety and hygiene, and regulatory improvements overseas.

Latest news
16th Aug 2011ABTA Urges Members not to miss ATOL Questionnaire DeadlineABTA is urging any Members who have not completed the ABTA questionnaire on the Department for Transport’s proposals on ATOL reform to return a hard copy or go online by the deadline of Thursday 18 August. The questionnaire is available at www.abta.com/atolquestionnaire
15th Aug 2011ABTA Grows and Restructures Travelife TeamABTA has appointed sustainability professional Sören Stöber to take on the new role of Business Manager for the Travelife Sustainability System – an ABTA owned subsidiary, which provides a practical tool for hotels and tour operators to monitor and manage their social and environmental impacts. The Travelife team is also currently recruiting for a new role of Relationship Manager.
11th Aug 2011ABTA Encourages Debate on ATOL ReformABTA is encouraging its Members to register for a live interactive webinar on the Department for Transport’s ATOL reform proposals at 11AM today, Thursday 11 August.
04th Aug 2011Are Brits Behaving Abroad? ABTA’s Advice for TravellersA report released today by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) regarding British Behaviour Abroad shows that the number of Britons arrested overseas has fallen by over 10%.
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